HENRI trabaja como consultora de diseño en gráfica, interior y arte desde Caracas, Venezuela. Se enfoca en un diseño integral de acuerdo con las necesidades de cada cliente velando por cada detalle que cada proyecto requiere tanto visual como decorativo.

Ofrece servicios de diseño interior, remodelación, decoración, consultoría de arte, diseño gráfico y paralelamente tiene una línea de lencería de hogar y cuadros decorativos.

Su trabajo se enfoca no sólo ofreciéndole a cada cliente el mejor servicio sino educándolo e involucrándolo para que éste disfrute y comprenda la ejecución de cada uno.


is an art advisory and full service interior design company founded by Maria Brito and headquartered in NYC. As the creative force and CEO of the company, Maria focuses on mixing and integrating unique interior design/décor with contemporary art in living, commercial and corporate environments.

We offer full interior design and decoration services while at the same time sourcing, curating, and displaying art collections that truly reflect the company’s clients’ successes, tastes and lifestyles.

We take great pride in being the preeminent interior design company that educates and empowers clients with the tools to understand, from the outset, the aesthetic, emotional, cultural and financial advantages of living surrounded by extraordinary things.  These interiors serve as impressive showcases for well-curated art collections. From Lifestyling®’s perspective, art is not and should not be considered an afterthought when designing a space.

Lifestyling®’s value proposition is smart and simple: we provide personalized interior design services that make people’s homes reflect who they are while expanding their vision.  We do this through the sourcing, development, incorporation, curation and display of contemporary art collections that elevate the spaces and lives of our clients to a whole different level.  It’s the ultimate luxury and the ultimate investment in one’s own happiness.